LINKS: January 22nd, 2017

(1/7) I have a new publication out for the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), titled “How to Increase Labor Force Participation in Oklahoma.” I hope you’ll give it a read. Labor force participation is truly one of the defining issues of our time.

(2/7) Donald Trump’s inaugural address has been delievered and naturally, a lot of analysis has already been written and spoken. Some diverse takes I’ve been digesting and recommend to get a sober, thoughtful “lay of the land.”

(3/7) Two deep dives into GOP deliberations and strategy on the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) repeal and replace. First, Yuval Levin at National Review Online. Second, Ramesh Ponnuru in the most recent print edition of National Review Magazine (PDF download here for non-subscribers: National_Review–Ramesh_Ponnuru)

(4/7) Developing details and speculation about trade policy inside the Trump Administration from Greg Ip of the Wall Street Journal and also The Economist.

(5/7) A few interesting data visualizations on the international economy. First, embedded in the tweet below, a look median age across nations and over time.

From GapMinder, a plot of national income, national life expectantcy, and national popopulation.

The Economist looks at income distribution in China, India, and the United States.

From a Foundation for Economic Education look at global wealth distribution, a chart detailing where those at each net wealth decile live in our world. (Note that net wealth is personal assets (savings, investments, and possessions like cars or homes) minus personal debt, and deciles are 10 equal groups of individuals grouped and order from lowest wealth level to highest.)

(6/7) Goldman Sach’s podcast recently discussed “fintech,” touching on the market generally and Goldman’s specific efforts. The podcast is a good introduction on the consumer finance & lending side of the market and the World Economic Forum blockchain primer priovides a good introduction to another notable facet of the fintech space. IBM’s CEO is very bullish on blockchain technology. CB Insight has tracked fintech start-ups, noting big, traditional banks have joined in—it’s not just future-oriented venture capital funds in the game (see here and here). See charts below from CB Insights work tracking fintech in conjunction with KPMG. On bitcoin, I’ve previous recommended Jerry Brito’s Mercatus Center primmer on bitcoin and Marc Andreessen’s 2014 NYTimes article describing why he’s bullish on Bitcoin—still great resources.


(7/7) Speaking of Andreessen and on the topic of venture capital, the Andreessen-Horowitz “a16z” podcast looks at how public policy affects start-ups (with help from the sector’s trade group and advocate to government)—covered conceptually, recently, and prospectively towards the 115th Congress and Trump Administration (embedded below). Also relevant, Wall Street Journal coverage on early 2017 IPO activity—see chart below.


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